Many people believe in the immortal soul as inherent. Even science agrees that energy is never lost, so immortality is not really a matter of choice, it is simply a matter of acceptance, depending on how one defines it.
Now, remaining eternally youthful however, IS a choice,
and the following secrets will assist in enjoying one’s life, regardless of the various ways it is possible to define “immortal.”
Why would you want to live forever old and feeble? Who would?
But what if you could look exactly the way you intend and feel as good as possible. Then would you want to prolong your life span? Here is how, because AGING is a CHOICE.
Each time you buy into aging you are actually CHOOSING it. If you blow out 40 candles on your cake and think, “Ok now I am 40″ with a set of expectations of what that means, you CREATE it.
When we blow out candles on OUR cake, we think, “YAY I AM 23 for the 17th year in a row!!!” It sure makes one pretty good at being 23 :)
Aging is bull. Did you know that our body produces BRAND NEW CELLS every 18 months? You literally have a brand new you each and every 18 months.
If you look or feel older that is because you PROGRAM yourself to. Death and taxes are NOT inevitable. Ask any savvy business owner how they shelter themselves from paying taxes and ASK US how to shelter yourself from death and / or aging. Actually we CAN help shelter you from taxes as well – see our contact form and just ASK!
“If you can live for the next 10 years, you can live forever!”
Are you are prepared? Here are 6 Guideposts to be sure. This Guidebook is written in a very simple and straightforward “non-scientific” language. A teenager can understand it!
After reading this Guide, you will be able to attain and maintain the age you intend to look and feel, as long as you like. Forever! Guaranteed. You will actually be able to reverse your aging process.
“If this really works, why have we not heard of it before?” It is because the Guide, which has worked for over 10 years, has only been made public in Spring 2008. It previously had been tested only within private elite circles.
Consider this: when science makes a breakthrough, it can take about a decade for the discovery to reach the public.
When Fleming discovered Penicillin, it took almost a decade later that two men named Chain and Florey were able to actually bring it to market. That is the nature of revelation.
You will save thousands on what may have been the previous TEMPORARY options of plastic surgery, botox, and / or counseling. This Guidebook does not recommend any external cream to apply or pill to take. This does not require exercise, meditation, or some kind of religious experience. Best of all, it is FREE to test our principles. You do not have to buy ANYTHING ever (except for this Guide!) It is simply a matter of unlocking keys that reside in all of us. You only have everything to gain by trying these free guideposts using common items found in everyone’s homes!
It really does work, no matter how “old” you are, or think you are.
Yes, there is a massive movement towards eternal youth and longevity happening within humanity right now, but we assure you, these guideposts have never been revealed anywhere else by anyone else.
“You’re never too old to become younger.” ~Mae West
Because we are a charity organization, what you pay for this book is actually a donation that is tax deductible. Simply reference our California tax-exempt ID of 3074058 to claim your deduction for the amount you spent, thereby making this a FREE gift from us to you as part of our Universal service.
If you prefer to order a paperback version, please visit Amazon.com and search “Eternal Youth Empire.” Thank you for your interest!

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